ZANDER,Carter and Prior Families

Welcome to this combined ZANDER, Carter and Prior Families site.

Why ZANDER, Carter, and Prior you might ask.

ZANDER is my Family Name; so the Zander family is the core family for this Web Site.

My dear dad was an inspiration in my research,as his mother died when he was just 2

and he wanted to know who she was, family information was confusing and not clear.

That sparked an interest in me to find out and thankfully that question was answered for him

As far as the Zanders are concerned, we keep discovering new bits and pieces of information.

Leon Zander has been busy researching and documenting his family and along with his daughter Deb and researchers have been able to go back further into our roots with Johann Martin Zander (1762- 1835) being the furthest back we can venture at this stage.

Family information had told us that there was 3 brothers in the family that came to Australia and it is just now (2017) that we can verify this, now the task is to find out where this individual

Johann Friedrich Zander born on the 23 December 1843 in Tucheim and his wife Maria Elisabet nee Fricke,

venture off to, or did he remain in Germany? Research by Leon and Debs researchers has also identified a sister as well in this family of six, that would be nice to know what happened to her.

That's were all this began and the family tree just keeps on growing.

Carter is my Maternal Grandmother's Family


Prior is My Maternal Grandfather's Family.

Prior Family Members are being progressively added using family data from the

Prior Family History1784 - 1986 published in SA's Jubilee year by Harrold & Irene Prior.

The Family Historian Prgram enables you to venture out laterally as well as the usual vertical

recording of a family.

Family Historian allows all ancestors of an individual to be included instead of just following a Family Line

This makes it a bit more interesting for all concerned

Many sources from individuals to book & website creators have been used to provide the family details displayed on this site

This section of the website developed January 2010 using Family Historian to combine the

3 families,combining GEDCOM files from the three, so that all that information did not need to be retyped.

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Yes it looks different and functions differently to the other section.

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Take your time to discover and explore!

I hope you find this site enjoyable/useful and a catalyst to send me information or images

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